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Rehabilitation Team

Our hospital strives to provide its patients with superior functional outcomes. Our results-oriented team conducts comprehensive evaluations to determine each patient’s individualized treatment plan, then delivers the multifaceted program of physical medicine and rehabilitation with care and compassion.

  • Our medical director is a physician specially trained in rehabilitation who will coordinate your overall treatment program and oversee the efforts of the rehabilitation team.
  • The rehabilitation nurses provide 24-hour nursing care and are a good resource for any questions you and your family may have about your recovery.
  • Physical therapists will teach you exercises to improve your balance, strength and mobility. If necessary, they also will instruct you on the safe and correct use of mobility devices such as walkers and canes, braces and artificial limbs.
  • Occupational therapists focus on improving your everyday living skills, including bathing, dressing, grooming and eating. They also may train you with equipment that will help you better perform these activities.
  • Speech therapists work to improve your ability to communicate, problem-solve and reason, and address any problems with swallowing.
  • Case managers will explain the details of your stay and outline any lifestyle changes you may expect. In addition to working with your insurance company to certify your ongoing rehabilitation, your case manager will coordinate your discharge needs.

Other individuals on your rehabilitation team may include a dietitian, pharmacist, respiratory therapist and specialty physicians. Your therapy sessions and activities will be posted daily on a schedule board. Your physician will continue to follow your progress and remain in charge of your medical care.

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